What is Witchcraft?


Witchcraft is not magic

It is unorthodoxy

It is freedom

It is rebellion

It is sexuality

It is self-sufficiency

All the things that women cannot have

Without assistance from the Devil


© Amy Sophiamehr


Daily Blessing


I thank the gods and goddesses

For breathing life into another day

For the trees in the earth

For the starts in the sky

For the magic that surrounds us all

I promise to make this day count


© Amy Sophiamehr


Betrayed by Faith


I sat quietly beneath the tree

Golden apples scattered in the grass

This is not how I planned it to be

My faith shattered like shards of glass


To much wanton cruelty

Without nearly enough kindness

Far too little beauty

In a world of moral blindness


Why did He not intervene?

Free will trumps moral decay?

How do evildoers reign supreme

When the Creator could crush them to clay?


But I can take solace in the moon

In the stars, crystals, and trees

In the cards, elements, and runes

Mother Nature has yet to displease


The snake slithers down the branch

Nuzzling his head against my cheek

Maybe I’ll give faith another chance

Just not the path that most seek


© Amy Sophiamehr

Artwork: Lilith by John Collier, 1892