Rising Star Featurette: Wendy Phelan


Black rain fell from a grumbling sky

The day I knew my happiness died

Nightingales sang such strange lullabies

When joy became extinct from my eyes

I snuck around like a small-time thief

For dirty secrets, she tried to keep

When distant screams, invade my sleep

Darkness insists, I contemplate grief

At times my mind is all-consuming

Conjuring tears, forever looming

Revenge served cold is so ‘pretentious’

I traded hate for mended fences…

Suckling the breast of a Mother’s lie

Crushing innocence, her angel cried

My inkwell glistens with words untold

In deep blue tales of sorrows consoled

© Wendy Phelan – 13 July 2019

Check out Wendy’s page at https://mewe.com/i/wendyphelan