My Cathedral


Does anyone cry

When my cathedral burns?

Does anyone weep

When my shrines are destroyed

Root by root?

Does anyone wail

When my parishioners flee

Hoofprints fading?

Does anyone care

When my buttresses topple

Birds taking to the sky?

Does anyone protest

When my spire crashes down

The jaguars howling?

Cathedrals burn every day

Yet their screams are silenced


© Amy Sophiamehr



The Fire of Notre Dame

Art, by its nature

Is meant to be immortal

It is meant to endure

So when art succumbs to death

It leaves the world unsure


History, by design

Is meant to last forever

Seared deeply in our minds

So when history crumbles

We’re left searching for a sign


Culture, by default

Is meant to stand strong

Its glory we proudly exalt

So when culture collapses

Society screeches to a halt


Notre Dame was all these things are more

800 years will be a challenge to restore