Lake Ogle Dreamscapes

This photography series is my big exploration into color hues! I went hiking  with Amin Sophiamehr at Brown County State Park where we completed two trails, resulting in 4-4.5 miles worth of hiking. It felt so wonderful to just clear my head and take in nature’s beauty.

As I was reviewing the photographs I had taken during our outing, I decided I want to edit the photos in a way that reflected the magical essence of nature rather than the actual of it. And the result is what you see before you, a colorful spectrum of Ogle Lake and its nearby forests.

© Amy Sophiamehr


My Cathedral


Does anyone cry

When my cathedral burns?

Does anyone weep

When my shrines are destroyed

Root by root?

Does anyone wail

When my parishioners flee

Hoofprints fading?

Does anyone care

When my buttresses topple

Birds taking to the sky?

Does anyone protest

When my spire crashes down

The jaguars howling?

Cathedrals burn every day

Yet their screams are silenced


© Amy Sophiamehr


Fire Moon

Stags leaping through the wood

Trees screaming as they burn

Flames licking the shadowy sky

Smoke rising to the icy stars

The moon sees all

Gods watching as the fire spreads

Light basking in the orange glow

Crows cawing from the mountains

Antlers falling to the ground

The moon tames all


© Amy Sophiamehr

I was inspired to write this poem after meditating to this music. It was fun to experiment with the subversion of fire and the moon paired together, since the sun is typically associated with fire and the moon with water.