Rising Star Featurette: Charlene Ann Benoit

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Angsty Poem

The world doesn’t exist without you

I smell you in the air

I feel you in the earth

I taste you in the water

I see you in the fire


I want you

Do you want me?

If not, why do you place your hands on my hips?

If not, why do you lace your fingers with mine?

If not, why do I wake up in your arms?



The party is but a dream

Through the forest of people we find each other

And will stay together

The music our anchor

Our bodies the swaying waves


As we dance, no one matters to you but me

I revel in that feeling

I relish it

I’m yours, yet you are not mine

As I relearn each following day


The next morning it’s the same

Nothing changes, nothing…

With the exception of my heart

Breaking even more

Joining my soul, which you so lovingly caress,

Into despair


The Shrew of Love

Was it really so bad

That I wanted you to care?

Was I really so foolish

To think there was something we could share?


What did you expect?

Do I look like a whore?

You heard the words “no sex”

And suddenly I became a chore


Oh, but I’m a woman

How could I forget my place?

Either I spread my legs

Or my existence you will erase


Oh, so now you care

When you drag my corpse from the pond

You press your lips to mine

But to them I no longer respond


You were my last hope

The last chance my shredded heart could give

But none of you will accept me

So I have no reason to live


© Amy Sophiamehr






The heart dies a slow death

It sheds each hope as a tree in autumn

Until the time comes when there are no leaves

No hopes

No dreams



I wanted you to mend my broken heart

But instead you froze it to match your own

You act as if I am dead and merit no further thought

No compassion

No empathy



It is not a woman’s place to want

It is not a woman’s place to feel

She must be beautiful, sensual, and without regret

No kindness

No weakness



It is not a man’s desire to care

It is not a man’s desire to love

He must rut like an asinine beast in heat

No warmth

No emotion



© Amy Sophiamehr