Theater of Scandal


The echoes of chatter ring through the theater

Take a program; it’s a full house

Fans flutter and skirts bustle

Candles dim and curtains rustle


You never expected to be on stage

The orchestra begins; you dance

You twirl, spin, split and leap

A mere doll for diversions so cheap


Your tragedy has become their gossip

Your life nothing but rumors to share

Your pain is their sleazy entertainment

And you fear their grubby amusement


But until they move to the next scandal

Dance you must, even as your feet bleed

For to hide your face would be worse

At least infamy is a short-term curse



© Amy Sophiamehr





The Poison Quill

Sticks and stones

How I wish they’d broken my bones

For the crime of the written word

Solicits less condolence


Hate and lies

How I wish they had devised

The fire by which the venomous pages

Smolder into ashes


The poison quill

How I wish I had the skill

To blot out the lies; the pen of truth

Writes its own justice


Pens at war

How I wish I had written more

To balance Osiris’ scale; then Ammit

Devours the vile plume


Deathly words

I’ve never read anything so absurd

But the hand holding the poison quill

Poisons itself of all reason


© Amy Sophiamehr

Artwork by mx-chronos at Deviantart