The Fire of Notre Dame

Art, by its nature

Is meant to be immortal

It is meant to endure

So when art succumbs to death

It leaves the world unsure


History, by design

Is meant to last forever

Seared deeply in our minds

So when history crumbles

We’re left searching for a sign


Culture, by default

Is meant to stand strong

Its glory we proudly exalt

So when culture collapses

Society screeches to a halt


Notre Dame was all these things are more

800 years will be a challenge to restore




Fire Moon

Stags leaping through the wood

Trees screaming as they burn

Flames licking the shadowy sky

Smoke rising to the icy stars

The moon sees all

Gods watching as the fire spreads

Light basking in the orange glow

Crows cawing from the mountains

Antlers falling to the ground

The moon tames all


© Amy Sophiamehr

I was inspired to write this poem after meditating to this music. It was fun to experiment with the subversion of fire and the moon paired together, since the sun is typically associated with fire and the moon with water.


Flameful Tears

Tears of fire ran down my face

Scorching my cheeks

Singeing my hair

Searing my clothes

Too hot is the rage

To pour out as water

The flames couldn’t stop once they began

Burning the streets

Blazing the forest

Scalding the lake

Hearts left charred

Dreams left smoldering

Souls left smoking

Spirits left torched

Shameful tears

 Flameful tears

Maybe more would take notice

If tears begat destruction