Love Among the Blossoms

My gorgeous husband on the picturesque streets of  Athens, Greece!


© Amy Sophiamehr



Crystal dew drops cling to her silvery web

Starlight glowing from the silky threads

Each destiny ensnared like a succulent fly

Where free will fades and choice comes to die

None can escape her glossy grasp

No matter how one screams, wails, or rasps

Your future is set; it’s fruitless to defy

She sees all, from her first to eighth eye

She is Orumekami, goddess of fate

Weaver of destinies both humble and great

Spinner of fortunes malevolent and benign

She alone determines when the stars will align


© Amy Sophiamehr

Artwork done by the enormously talented Emeline Bafoin: check out her other works on DeviantArt!

For years I’ve had this vision of the goddess of destiny being a sort of geisha spider queen. Maybe one day she’ll show up in one of my novels. The name of Orumekami emerged from the compound of two words: the Turkish word “örümcek” meaning spider and the Japanese word “kami” meaning god.


A Poem for Amin Sophiamehr

You are my rainbow

After a rainy day

You are my eternal light

My moonbeam and sunray

You are my shining hope

Whenever the skies are grey

You speak to my soul

With words I cannot say

You found me just in time

When I was adrift, a castaway

You are my lighthouse

That has showed me the way

When the world wanted nothing more

Than to lead me astray



© Amy Sophiamehr