Hello, everyone! This is Amy and welcome to my writing blog. I am a simple, aspiring writer who has created this space to house all my love of books, art photography, poetry, writing, and all things related to storytelling.

I was raised in rural Oregon, went to New York for college, went to the Midwest for grad school, and in between all of that lived and studied in Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, and Turkey.

amin wedding

I am happily married to Amin Sophiamehr, who is the light of my life. We love to play pool, cook delicious Persian food, have deep discussions about politics and philosophy, and take long hikes in gorgeous lake country!

I am a practicing, eclectic pagan, so I draw a lot of inspiration from nature. Some poems may or may not consist of spells, chants and other forms of incantations. If they do, my fellow pagans/witches have my permission to use them in their own rituals.

And, of course, no writer is complete without their pets! Below are my two fur babies: Xanthippe (white and grey) and Gyro (dark grey)!