“Instapoet” is a loaded term. It was dubbed to refer to the cohort of millennial writers who have taken to sharing their poetry on the visually centric social media platform of Instagram. Some poets embrace the label, actively shredding the negative connotation that originally shrouded it.  Others reject the term, seeing it as an unnecessarily classification, choosing instead to see themselves as poets who utilize social media to network and showcase their work.

And they have a point. Are we differentiating Instapoet from a “book” poet? Is such a label for the greater benefits of poets? And what about poets like me, who consciously decided to become Instapoets, only to become Facebook poets instead?

To be brutally honest, despite basing my poetry sharing model on Instagram, I am having very little success with that specific platform. No matter how much hashtags I add nor how much I engage with other Instapoets, I am just not gaining any traction. But do you know where I am excelling? Facebook.

One poem shared on Facebook reached 25,000 people in a little less than two days. My engagement is thriving. What is it about Facebook that hooks people into my poetry in a way that Instagram just doesn’t? I don’t have an answer. But for now I’m choosing not to fight it and to go with what’s working for me.



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