Not everyone will love your writing. Writing is not a fixed constant like X in the equation X + 2 = 5. It is foolhardy to presume that everyone will fall in love with your work, and there will be some people who will be more vocal about their dislike than others.

For example, I share my poetry on certain Facebook groups. For my nature-related poetry, I like to share them with the many pagan/witchy groups of which I am a member. Of the tens of thousands of pagans that I reach through those groups , there is one person in particular who has consistently treated my poetry with thinly-veiled contempt.

He is the admin of one of the smaller pagan groups. When I started posting the poems of my Cartomancy series to his group, he made the comment that in the future I should ask an admin if I wanted to start a daily feature. I in turn asked him if he would like me to stop posting the poetry series, to which he replied no. If he had said yes, I would have respected his wishes. Yet rather than leave the matter alone, what seems to have happened is that he had resorted to little passive-aggressive jabs at my poetry every once in a while.

Ironically, while the admin dislikes my posts, the other members of the group love them. It has happened more than once where the admin has made a left-handed compliment or thinly-disguised criticism and the other members will come and comment how wonderful the poem is. Sometimes I wonder if the other members are truly focused on the poem, or they see the admin’s behavior and are trying to compensate for it with reassurance.

It doesn’t bother me so much that he dislikes my work, it’s the fact that he won’t take real ownership of his dislike and has stooped to petty tactics to vent his frustrations. He won’t just come out and say “I don’t like your pagan poetry. Get it off my page.” Probably because he knows to do so would not reflect favorably upon him with the other members, who enjoy my poetry sharing.

One of my theories is that this admin is a hard-core purist and does not approve of the way I promote newer versions of paganism through my poetry. What is even more amusing about this admin is that he has made posts encouraging people to participate more in the group, yet I am one of the members that posts daily and still he is not happy.

It is for the other members than I haven’t just left the group and blocked the admin. That and I don’t want to make it easy for the admin by leaving without him taking responsibility for his unnecessary attitude. I would stop sharing my poetry series if I was politely requested to do so. I won’t indulge bad behavior and give the impression that quietly chipping away at me will make me go away.



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