This is by far the biggest struggle I have as an aspiring writer…making time to write on top of all the other crap I have to do…and I don’t even have children yet! Writing is a time-consuming endeavor, and given my own personality type, it can be difficult squeezing it in with other life commitments.

While I do work hard, I’m not a workaholic. I’m not like my husband who can keep running on no gas and still achieve desirable results. I need my down time to recharge my batteries, otherwise I’ll start to crack and my productivity will take a nose-dive.It also doesn’t help that I live on the outskirts of my town. My home is in beautiful lake country and I would not trade it for anything else, but nature comes at the price of a longer commute.

This naturally makes it a challenge to schedule writing in between a full-time job and other adulting activities. Now, to be clear, I adore my job. It’s exactly what I went to school for. I want to continue pursuing that career. Only if I started making some serious dough would I consider writing as a full-time occupation. Otherwise, I intend to do what most writers do; have my day job and write on the side.

I know I can’t expect myself to write after I come home from work, especially when I use what little energy I have left to cook dinner. The alternative would be to wake up earlier to write, but I’ve tried to force myself awake to do homework in the morning and it just never works.

I guess this is why I’ve started slowly, setting aside my would-be novel and focusing instead on my poetry collection. Not that meaningful poetry isn’t hard to write, but the process can more easily be broken down into manageable increments. Then after that I can work up to scheduling a more involved writing project like a novel.

I can’t say that I’ve cracked the code yet; I’m still struggling to find the balance, but I hope that with time through self-actualization, I can devise a system that works best for me.

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