I was inspired to write this poem after watching a documentary about a horrendous example of international child abduction. This is my poem reflecting on such a horrible predicament.


The crime that cuts through families

Deeper than any knife into flesh

The crime that keeps wounds fresh

Broken hearts, abundant fatalities


Oceans fill with endless tears

As a child grows without love

Imprisoned like a caged dove

To advance a vendetta lasting for years


A parent who wants to smear

The name of the other for sport

Will not find compassion in court

To whose orders they do not adhere


What does the kidnapper fear?

Not abuse, violence or rage

But to watch their child come of age

With the parent at whom they cannot sneer


The darkness of this crime is boundless

Kara, kara, kara…

Bring forth the candelabra

To shed light on the night so merciless


When a parent stoops to this crime

They lose their heart, their soul

On the child this takes its toll

But on the Day of Judgement

Come will the kidnapper’s time



So the woman lied to her Italian ex-husband that she was taking their daughters on a vacation to her home country of Australia. She even presented him with the receipt for the camping tickets. Under this pretense the father signed the paperwork that allowed the mother to obtain passports for their children.

She left Italy with the girls and didn’t return, much to the father’s shock and anguish. He did not give up, however. After two years, the Australian authorities finally caught up with the mother and her family and forced the daughters on a plane back to Italy, a harrowing experience for the girls.

The mother was later interviewed by 60 Minutes after the ordeal and was directly asked if she took any responsibility for and/or regretted putting her daughters in a position to be traumatized by not just one, but TWO drastic relocations. She evaded the question, allowing her mother and grandmother to speak for her. She eventually offered a feeble, vague answer that she’s always blamed herself for things since childhood. It was obvious that she didn’t regret anything and was only bitter that her ex had had the ability to insist upon his parental rights.


© Amy Sophiamehr


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