A ship lays anchored in the harbor

With a mast most tall and sails most bright


The moon’s reflection rides on the waves

But no silver sphere is in the sky


A lantern guides her way to the ship

But she marches without any haste


Tonight she sails for adventure

For knowledge

For truth


The Land of the Moors has called to her

And she knows well that she must obey


With a heavy heart she turns her head

To glance behind at the dark-skinned man


Her eyes plead with her lover

But his expression cannot be read


Will he even remember her face?

Her kindness

Her love?


Or is she destined to fade away

With the slow decay of weeks and months


She boards the vessel with her sisters

Nothing can be changed or undone now


All she can do is pray to the gods

That he will want her when she comes back



© Amy Sophiamehr

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